Funny Pictures Of The Week

The Huffington Post UK  |  Posted: 11/05/2012 16:01 Updated: 11/05/2012 16:01

From premieres to politics - via cars stuck up trees and cats stuck on dogs - take a look at our round-up of some of the more gigglesome photos to appear during the past seven days...

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  • Sacha Baron Cohen does what many have dreamed of doing: holding a gun up to Mohammed Al Fayed's head.

  • One word: DUDE.

  • Who says the new French president is nothing like the old one?

  • Angela Merkel gets caught texting in class.

  • Now <em>that's</em> what we call parallel (to the ground) parking!

  • Two kittens fail to notice that their mother is an entirely different... colour.

  • We're as confused as the guy in the shorts.

  • At a sex education class, Ed Miliband teaches a group of teenagers how to get to first base.

  • Nick Clegg can't hide his delight at the fact that someone actually wants to meet him.

  • Harry Hill. Completely nuts.

  • "Oh the weather outside is frightful". Prince Charles turns forecaster...

  • does his wife. At last - the royals at work!

(Photos 1-4, 6-12: Press Association)