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Troop Cat Ed gets caught dozing on the job quite a lot.
And Ed isn’t the only cute animal at work in New South Wales’ police department - they’ve also got some adorable dogs and
Basically calling him out from beyond the grave.
An 86-year-old woman has left a chilling message for her family from beyond the grave - using her will to ensure they don't
Snapchat's faceswap function has swiftly become one of our principal sources of laughter since it was introduced, and a lot
British people are known for three things: their strength, their sense of humour, and their love of biscuits. This is a story
If you're feeling a bit glum today or just want to procrastinate, we've found the perfect thing - Redditors have spent hours
Meet Tom. He wants everyone to know he's been the victim of a very cruel prank. We want to feel sorry for him, but... Sorry