Digestive Biscuits Dropped On The Street Receive Fitting Tribute From Coventry Citizens

Rest in peace, chocolate digestives.

British people are known for three things: their strength, their sense of humour, and their love of biscuits. This is a story about all three.

When one unlucky shopper dropped an entire pack of McVities chocolate-covered digestives on the street in Coventry, things must've been looking pretty bleak. But, on their return, the bereaved citizen was greeted with a perfect example of British pride and valour.

Yes, the discarded biscuits were mourned by a passerby who left flowers, a "sorry for your loss" note, and eventually even more items were added to the memorial:

And some even showed their sympathies by taking a moment to respect the fallen treats:

Sadly the local council didn't think much to the tribute, and it was all swept away.

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