Adorable Dog Wakes Itself Up... Whilst Falling Asleep (VIDEO)

Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: Updated: 22/05/2012 10:57

Sometimes you get so sleepy you can barely stand up. If you were in a Beano-style Bash Street Kids cartoon, 10 tonne weights would be figuratively pushing down your eyelids.

The same thing happens to puppies, of course - but it's a rare occasion that sees a puppy dog's owner in possession of a video camera to record their sleepiness.

Here, a really rather adorable pooch gets so pooped he starts napping standing up, and then gets so sleepy he collapses into a bundle of cute and wakes himself up in the process. In a word: "Naw..."

For more "Naw...", check out this video gallery we've got for you below of cats and dogs getting on like a house on fire - often napping together, in fact.

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  • Carpet Cuddle

    Looks cozy.

  • Friend Grooming

    Taking care of each other.

  • Face Hug

    And an ear cleaning.

  • Kitten Friend

    They're ok hanging out with each other while the other cats play.

  • A Big New Friend

    Spots, no spots. It's cool.

  • Puppy Hug


  • Puppy Bath

    I think you've got something in your ear.

  • Nap Time

    There's plenty of room in that bed.

  • Massage

    Let me just get those knots in your shoulders out.

  • Sleepy Friends

    Exhausted after a day of hanging out.

  • Very Affectionate

    That puppy's fur does look pretty warm.

  • Laying Around The House

    A playful cuddle.

  • Cuddle

    Shhhh. She's sleeping.