Sharon Stone Accused Of Racism By Former Nanny

24/05/2012 11:58

Sharon Stone's lawyers have said claims that the actress is racist are "absurd".

A lawsuit has been filed against the actress by a former nanny who has accused the actress of making derogatory comments about Filipinos.

sharon stone

Erlinda Elemen alleges the Oscar winner repeatedly called people from the Philippines "stupid". She also claims the actress made negative comments about food from the Philippines and would not allow Elemen - a practicing Christian - to read the Bible in her home.

The nanny also claims that the actress would not allow her to speak to her children - Roan, Laird and Quinn - because she didn't want them "to talk like you".

She has also accused the actress of trying to take back overtime money she had been paid. She alleges that when she challenged Stone about the overtime pay, she was verbally attacked in front of other staff and house guests and ultimately fired in February 2011.

"Hopefully, the publicity generated from this lawsuit will be of benefit to others and will prompt some change in the lives of ordinary citizens.

However, the actress's publicist, Paul Bloch, said in a statement: "She is obviously looking for another opportunity to cash in. This is a frivolous lawsuit for absurd claims that are made-up and fabricated. Sharon Stone will be completely vindicated in court.''

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