Sharon Stone

“In seven years, you’re no longer the flavour of the time, you no longer have box office heat..."
The Basic Instinct actor shared how she cut the date short with one man.
The Basic Instinct star told America Ferrara how she pitched her own Barbie movie back in the 90s.
The movie star spilled some tea about her sex life on the "Ladygang" podcast.
In 2001, the Emmy winner suffered a haemorrhage that left her with a nine-day brain bleed, a 1% chance of survival — and a vanishing career.
“The judge asked my child, my tiny little, tiny boy, ‘Do you know your mother makes sex movies?’," the actor said.
The Basic Instinct actor spoke of the family's "immeasurable grief" in a tearful Instagram video.
The Basic Instinct star says she saw the anti-aging procedures as a “cute luxury" until she experienced a life-changing event.
The Oscar nominee asked fans to pray for River Stone last week, after he fell critically ill.
In a tweet, Sharon doubled down on the point about Meryl – and Hollywood in general – she already made.