Sharon Stone

The Oscar nominee asked fans to pray for River Stone last week, after he fell critically ill.
In a tweet, Sharon doubled down on the point about Meryl – and Hollywood in general – she already made.
The Basic Instinct actor opened up about the kinship she shares with the pop star.
The Hollywood star woke up from reconstructive surgery to discover she "had a full cup-size bigger breasts".
The Basic Instinct star, whose sibling has lupus, shared a picture of her hospital room and asked "can you face this room alone?".
The Basic Instinct star had to be taken to hospital after the "really intense" incident.
Hollywood stars including Danny DeVito, Mark Hamill and Sharon Stone have also paid their respects to the screen legend.
It seems Hollywood A-listers also have to endure the trials and tribulations of trying to find a date ready for the New Year.
'Can you imagine the business I stepped into 40 years ago?'
Peaches, triple axels and sea creatures, oh my!