Engelbert Humperdinck's song Love Will Set You Free may stand a better chance of winning this year's Eurovision than any of this lot - but what if disaster strikes on the night? Disaster of the autocue kind?

Well, we imagine it might go something like the above - a brilliant reworking by comedy clip creators Simon Balch and Donal Coonan, who certainly earn douze points from the (Huffington Post) UK jury.

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  • 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai' - Verka Serduchka

    <strong>Year:</strong> 2007 <strong>Country:</strong> Ukraine <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "Speak English? Nicht verstehen? Speak English? Don't understand?"

  • 'Irelande Douze Points' - Dustin The Turkey

    <strong>Year:</strong> 2008 <strong>Country:</strong> Ireland <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "G-o-b gobble b-l-e yeah"

  • 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' - Lordi

    <strong>Year:</strong> 2006 <strong>Country:</strong> Finland <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "It's the arockalypse!"

  • 'Guildo Hat Euch lieb!' - Guildo Horn

    <strong>Year:</strong> 1998 <strong>Country:</strong> Germany <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "Piep, piep, piep, ich hab' Dich lieb."

  • 'Bunica Bate Doba' - Zdob Si Zdub

    <strong>Year:</strong> 2005 <strong>Country:</strong> Moldova <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "She's screaming like Hawkins, my old Big Mama..."

  • 'Opera' - Çetin Alp & The Short Waves

    <strong>Year:</strong> 1983 <strong>Country:</strong> Turkey <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "Opera, opera, opera, opera, opera"

  • 'Euro-Vision' - Telex

    <strong>Year:</strong> 1980 <strong>Country:</strong> Belgium <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "Eurovision, Eurovision, Eurovision"

  • 'Djambo Djambo' - Peter, Sue & Marc

    <strong>Year:</strong> 1976 <strong>Country:</strong> Switzerland <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "When Djambo Djambo plays his barrel organ, children call it circus in the streets"

  • 'Cipela' - Marko Kon i Milan Nikolić

    <strong>Year:</strong> 2009 <strong>Country:</strong> Serbia and Montenegro <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "Moјa stara cipela, pola sveta videla (My old shoe, it saw half of the world)"

  • 'Wolves Of The Sea' - Pirates Of The Sea

    <strong>Year:</strong> 2008 <strong>Country:</strong> Latvia <strong>Choice lyric:</strong> "With a hii hii hoo and a hii hii hey!"