The world of tech is moving more quickly that anyone could have dreamed.

Well, not quite everyone.

In fact alongside the huge number of people making and designing real life gadgets, there is a special subset of technologists whose job is simply to dream about the future, and imagine what's possible.

Sometimes they even come true. Apple, for instance, imagined something like its voice assistant Siri 25 years ago, until it was eventually released in 2011.

And as innovation is as much about imagination as manufacturing, we thought it would be great to celebrate those finest concept videos of the last twelve months.

From touchscreen cars to ever-present augmented reality, and from driverless 'road trains' to a rather special new iPad, these are the coolest videos we've seen this year.

Let us know which is your favourite in the poll, below.

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  • Augmented Reality

    In the future augmented reality will be everywhere - all the time - according to this amazing video made by Gorilla Glass. Some of the concepts here around health, education and travel are mind blowing.

  • The TouchScreen Car

    Toyota released this 'Window to the World' video in 2011. It depicts a future where the window of your car is in effect a giant iPad-like device. The idea is the touchscreen window can help your children learn about the world, take photographs, estimate distances, learn a language - and stay quiet while you're driving, basically.

  • Project Glass

    Google's incredible - and slightly unbelievable - concept video for their augmented reality glasses, known as Project Glass, has been seen more than 15m times on YouTube. It presents a future in which you'll be able to chat to your friends, find directions, read email, take photos and creepily record everything going on around you all through a pair of glasses.

  • Driverless Cars

    Driving your car? Fancy a snooze? No problem. A new concept, recently tested for real in Spain, would see drivers form 'road trains' behind a lead vehicle, in which the car does the driving for you. The idea is your car follows the lead vehicle's speed, direction and movements.

  • The New (New) iPad

    This concept video of the new iPad was release just before Apple's latest announcement in March. And it totally upstaged it. Let's just hope the iPad 4 (or more likely iPad 13) is anything like this.

  • iPhone Concept

    Another Apple concept - though nothing to do with the company itself - this make-believe iPhone isn't just thinner and sleeker, it also features a light-projected keyboard and at least one or two mind blowing surprises.

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