01/06/2012 12:41 BST

Anne Hathaway Accessorises Her Maxi-Dress With An Arm Sling As She Takes A Stroll In New York

When we broke our arm during a drunken night out a few years back (don't ask) the novelty of being strung up in a sling lasted for ooooh, at least 30 seconds but Anne Hathaway looks positively overjoyed about losing the use of her right arm.

Well, at least she's got a valid excuse for not signing autographs.

anne hathaway

The Devil Wears Prada actress - dressed in a checked maxi-dress - was snapped with her heavily bandaged arm in a sling as she took a stroll in the New York sunshine.

According to her rep, it wasn't on set that Anne got the injury, but at home.

"She had a minor accident over the weekend and injured her wrist. It’s nothing serious," her rep said.

anne hathaway

Anne's currently filming Les Miserables in which she plays Fantine - a role that required her to cut off her hair.

The actress can be seen belting out I Dreamed A Dream in the trailer for the film which has just been released.