Anne Hathaway

"Help her, she can't move!" Donatella Versace says in a video as she watches the actor attempt to sit down.
Don’t worry, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt came to her rescue after the embarrassing hiccup.
The Devil Wears Prada star wasn't the only one who had a big reaction when the screen legend walked onstage at the SAG Awards.
The This Is Going To Hurt star pulled out all the stops to perfect her own Leeds twang.
The Oscar winner famously replaced Amy Schumer as the titular lead in an early film iteration that never materialised.
Blunt reflected on the cast's experience filming the 2006 movie during a conversation with former co-star Anne Hathaway.
The Ocean's 8 star said the ageist comment was made to her when she was just a child actor.
The She Came to Me actor lamented that her former co-star is “very busy”.
"Anne Hathaway dancing in a club is who I aspire to be."
The actor spoke about the incident during a Q&A about her new movie, Eileen, at the Sundance Film Festival.