In an age where every gadget going appears to have more than one use, we often yearn for the days when a phone was just a phone, and a pen was just a pen.

Unfortunately that's not the world in which we live.

Even the humble writing device has become a multi-tasking uber-gadget capable of telling the time, cooling you down, recording your voice and firing rocks at your enemies.

In reluctant celebration of this diversification of gadgetry, we've compiled our 9 favourite gadgets which are also pens - or, rather, pens which are also gadgets.

Take a look, and let us know which ones we've missed in the comments.

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  • Video Camera... Which Is Also A Pen

    Every good spy needs to be able to secretly record meetings, killings and other whatnot at a moment's notice, right? Unfortunately getting out your iPhone is a bit too obvious, which makes <a href="">this pen-camera quite useful</a>. Except for the fact that the first thing a decent counter-spy will check for a camera is the suspiciously large pen your pointing directly at them.

  • Thermometer... Which Is Also A Pen

    Ever been wandering around Tokyo and thought to yourself "I need a pen... and the temperature?" Of course you have, and you're welcome, because here it is. <a href="">Available only in Japan</a>.

  • Laser... Which Is Also A Pen

    Sometimes when you need to point at stuff, a pen alone just won't do. And sometimes when you're pointing at stuff with a laser, you need a pen for some reason. <a href="">Voila.</a>

  • Shock Therapy... Which Is Also A Pen

    When you want to shock your friends into submission but only have your pen to hand, never fear. No longer do you have to mess around with batteries and wires - <a href="">">this doodad</a> will do the job for you. Humorously.

  • Keyring... Which Is Also A Pen

    <a href="">This one should really explain itself</a>. But you'll never be short of a pen to draw a moustache on your keyhole again.

  • Fan... Which Is Also A Pen

    Writing is hard work (unless you're writing captions for a piece about pen gadgets, in which case it's fairly simple). So when you're done (in about four slides time) take in a <a href="">nice cooling breeze with the help of your stylus.</a>

  • Catapult... Which Is Also A Pen

    Another good way to smite your enemies with the held of a pen. <A href=" ">This time with pebbles.</a>

  • Ruler... Which Is Also A Pen

    When you need to measure a line while drawing you'd usually reach for a ruler. No need, my friend. <a href="">No need.</a>

  • Pen Knife... Which Is Also A Pen

    The odd thing about a pen knife - usually it isn't a pen. This one is. <a href=" ">It's a pen pen knife</a>, as it were. Or a knife pen.