Simon Pegg's Top 10 Roles

12/06/2012 16:22 | Updated 12 August 2012

For many, Simon Pegg is the epitome of the geek actor made good. From his early TV roles (not least in the classic Spaced) to his breakout performance in Shaun Of The Dead, Pegg's worked his way up through the ranks of movie stardom, and now enjoys the pick of coveted roles in such films as Star Trek and the Mission: Impossible franchise.

With such a wealth of great movies, TV shows and performances behind him, is it really possible to rank Pegg's career in a top ten list? Well, since A Fantastic Fear Of Everything is out now in UK cinemas, we'd thought we'd have a go. And to kick the list off, let's head back to 2006, and take a look at a less well-known yet brilliant performance from Mr Pegg...

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