19/06/2012 12:03 BST | Updated 19/06/2012 12:49 BST

Rihanna To Be Interviewed By Oprah On 'Next Chapter': 5 Things We Want To Find Out

Rihanna has signed up to a grilling from Oprah Winfrey on Oprah's Next Chapter, following in the footsteps of fellow paparrazi fodder Kim Kardashian, who recently opened up on Oprah's couch, and under the chatshow queen's unrelenting gaze.

The talk show host announced the interview on her Twitter page on Monday, and the show is reportedly set to air in August.

Rihanna last appeared on Oprah's show in January 2010, when she performed Bob Marley's classic Redemption Song to benefit the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.


Oprah also referenced the Bajan singer on her show in 2009, when she dedicated an entire episode to the issue of domestic violence. The episode was, in part, inspired by Rihanna's assault that year by then-boyfriend Chris Brown.

In the past couple of years Rihanna has provided more than her fair share of controversial titbits, so here are five things we hope Oprah asks the We Found Love singer when they sit down together...

1. Are you capable of writing a Tweet which a) makes sense and b) doesn't contain an obscenity?

Who knew such a pretty girl could tweet such filth? From f-words to sexually explicit descriptions, Rihanna's twitter account should come with an 18 rating. And then there are those messages that may be clean but just don't make any sense.

2. What's really going on with you and Chris Brown? And did Drake fight Chris over you?

It seems like every week, there's a new story about Rihanna and Chris Brown rekindling their destructive romance. The latest includes an alleged bar brawl between Chris and rapper Drake, reported to have been over Rihanna, whom Chris and Drake have both dated in the past. So what's the deal?

3. Why do you keep getting tattoos that look like guns?

The Umbrella singer's latest inking is positioned on her right ankle and shows an Egyptian falcon flying in the shape of a handgun. She already has a gun tattooed on her thigh.

4. Are you allergic to clothing?

Ri-Ri loves tweeting photos of herself with very little clothing - remember the time she excercised on her treadmill in just a bikini? And then there are those revealing stage outfits, which have caused people to brand her a "bad role model" for young girls.

5. What's the best way to rehydrate - IV drip? Or Vita Coconut Water?

When discussing the drink which she's the poster girl for, she told Us Weekly: “I wasn't drinking enough water before, and I love coconut water. It hydrates me just as much as regular water so it really started to affect my diet and the way my body was shaping up.” But after she tweeted a photo of herself strapped to an IV drip, people have been wondering if she's the best advertisement for 'natural ways to hydrate'.

What do you want Oprah to ask Rihanna? Let us know below...

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