Chris Brown

When the former Destiny's Child singer announced that Chris had won the award for Best Male R&B Artist, unrest followed.
The ceremony took place virtually instead of at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, where it was held last year.
Lauren suggested the abuse she has received from the singer's fans "kind of proved her point".
Initial reaction to the singer's arrest showed us the prevalence of rape culture – and a lack of understanding of what it actually is
A woman, 24, alleged she was raped in Brown's hotel suite last week.
The singer has now been released after posting bail.
A fleeting, flippant apology during a documentary celebrating how you became a billionaire does not seem at all sincere
Zayn and Perrie's split isn't the only one to have inspired a song...
The incident took place after a 911 call from his house, in the early hours of the morning.