Good news for Turkey's Sultan Kosen, the world's tallest man: he's finally stopped growing, reaching the grand ol' height of 8 foot, 3 inches in just 29 years.

Record keepers will also have breathed a sigh of relief, as this means that Mr. Kosen will no longer have to be checked and rechecked and triple checked to make sure they have exactly the right height for every mention of his vast size.

So to celebrate his extraordinary feat, we've gathered together some of our favourite weird world records and produced this video gallery we've for got for you below, complete with spinning BMX-ers, leaping guinea pigs and bra unhookers - plus the world's fastest violinist and the most T-shirts being worn at one time. Of course.

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  • World's Tallest Man Stops Growing

  • Longest Slam Dunk

  • Most T-Shirts Worn At One Time

  • Best Guitar Hero III Player

  • Woman With Longest Legs

  • Fastest Drinker

  • World's First BMX Triple Backflip

  • Highest Dive

  • Fastest Violinist

  • Most Bras Unhooked In One Minute

  • Longest Pose As A Human Flag

  • Fastest Text Message

  • Biggest Wave Surfed

  • Longest Run Of Human Dominoes