The record for ‘Marathon Dressed as a Dinosaur’ had already been set in 3hrs 30 mins, so I had a fair target to beat.
Ayanna Williams scratched her way to fame with fingernails measuring 18 feet, 10.9 inches.
Oktoberfest is currently in full-swing, with hordes of people donning their lederhosen and dirndls and flocking to Munich to celebrate its 205th year. From centuries-old traditional breweries to modern, multimedia "experiences", we have selected ten of the best brewery tours around Europe in honour of this world-famous folk festival's dedication to beer.
When some people think of Guinness they think of trying it once, hating it and never looking back. But the folks over at
I visited all the top TripAdvisor recommendations in Dublin before making a day trip to Maladhide and Holwith. I will say t is handy that majour tourist sites in Dublin are closely located so one could do my 48 hour itinerary (if you are ambitious enough!)
Ever get the sense the world is in danger? In fairness there's probably not been a minute since the earth started spinning that we haven't been (big bangs are like that) but imminent trouble seems to be reaching Taylor Swift levels of proximity.
In London and fancy raising a glass (or 10) to St Paddy this Monday? Well grab a Guinness, a dodgy hat and a jig partner and get celebrating St Patrick's Day, the BarChick way...
Are you celebrating St Patrick's Day? Of course you are. You're only human. But whether you're drinking, parading, drinking
It seems that only English people celebrate St George's Day and only the Welsh celebrate St David's Day - but St Patrick's