Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 27 (Of 52)

06/07/2012 08:48 | Updated 06 July 2012

And what a week it's been. Megabus - our favourite of all the Transformers - was the subject of a terrorist threat by a Pot Noodle/e-cigarette/rolled-up copy of Now!. Bob Diamond resigned, while Marcus Agius resigned and then unresigned. The lovely, incomparable Eric Sykes died, America celebrated a least several years of independence and the most important thing in the universe was discovered. That's right: whether she's born with it, or whether it's Maybelline.

So here, to round off the mega-week, is our usual collection of just some of the tweets that made us laugh over the past seven days. There are gags about all the above and much, much more - including not one, not two, but three (count 'em!) tweets which feature penguins. Perhaps this should be the new Twitter bird?

Twitter Jokes Of The Week
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