Independence Day

President Donald Trump largely stuck to the script during his “Salute to America” speech outside the Lincoln Memorial on Independence Day. He championed the U.S. military to a crowd of thousands while planes, helicopters and a stealth bomber flew overhead. But the day was not without controversy. The infamous Trump baby blimp was seen in Washington, D.C. ahead of Trump’s speech, as organizers condemned what they called Trump’s “military spectacle.”
The pang of separation from his own father was to be a monumental event in his life. He and his siblings missed their father dearly. They were lost and in need of a leader. Each morning, they would go to the train station waiting for their father, hoping for his safe arrival.
As you will no doubt be aware, DNA and penicillin have been around for quite a bit longer than Great Britain. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic
Six years after the video of an Indonesian baby smoking 40 cigarettes a day went viral, it has now attracted over 30 million views. Research published in Oxford's Health Education Research reported that the prevalence of youth smokers in Indonesia was 38 per cent among boys and 5.3 per cent among girls in 2006.
It was a good year for Tom Cruise at the box office.
We don’t want to make you feel old, but... all of these films are celebrating their 20th anniversary.  Can you remember what
As negotiations with Europe begin, we have to ask ourselves if we want to be the United Kingdom of UKIP, or the outward-looking, tolerant country that at least 48% of us thought we were. Because the way things have gone since the referendum, financially and socially, I am far more than 52% sure that we are on the wrong track.