Cat Interrupts Reporter (VIDEO)

10/07/2012 11:44 | Updated 10 July 2012

We love a good reporter blooper here at Huffington Post UK Comedy - see our 'Reporters, Interrupted' video gallery below for proof - and happily, this clip we've got for you is just that: a good reporter blooper.

Just in case you were wondering, the name of the journalist in question is Nicole DiDonato, and she works for Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

During a live report, she's confronted by an inquisitive cat on her shoulder halfway through, but somehow she manages to keeps her cool. Cool as a damn cucumber, she was. Well, a slightly pained cucumber, at any rate.

In a tweet following the incident, she described what happened: "A kitten jumped on my shoulder in the live tease... and hung on for dear life in my tag! Think he drew blood!!"

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