Roger Federer has been listed as the highest-paid Olympian at London 2012 by American business magazine Forbes.

World number one Federer, who recently won his seventh Wimbledon title, earns $54.3m thanks to his domination of the game this century.

The remainder of the top 10 list is made up almost entirely of basketball and tennis players, with Federer's Wimbledon semi-final conquest Novak Djokovic ($19.8m) and poster girl Maria Sharapova ($27.1m) included.

LeBron James ($53m), Kobe Bryant ($52.3m) and Kevin Durant are the most affluent basketball stars, with 100m gold medalist Usain Bolt ($20.3m) sprinting in at number seven.

Andy Murray made the top 20 at number 16, earning $12 million. He has won $21.5 million in career prize money with Adidas, Head, Rado watches and Royal Bank of Scotland his main endorsement partners.

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  • Roger Federer $54.3m

  • LeBron James, $53m

  • Kobe Bryant, $52.3m

  • Maria Sharapova, $27.1m

  • Kevin Durant, $25.5m

  • Carmelo Anthony, $22.9m

  • Usain Bolt, $20.3m

  • Novak Djokovic, $19.8m

  • Chris Paul, $19.2m

  • Li Na, $18.4m