As anyone who has already had the misfortune to take a mini-break during the Games will know, Britain's 2012 holiday 'slob out' season has been overtaken by a new craze: fitness.

With television screens filled with images of washboard stomachs and ladies whose fitness regiemes welcome the challenge of a mega-calorie diet, you'd have to be holidaying on the moon to feel comfortable abandoning your diet and workout completely this year.

Could you manage this 12-inch monster burger?

With this in mind, Huffpost Lifestyle has asked the holiday experts at in:spa health and fitness retreats ( to share their tips on how you can make most of your time away to return healthier, calmer and possibly even fitter after your holiday.

“With the nation focused on the forthcoming sporting summer, fitness holidays and holistic all-inclusives are on the rise. Whatever type of break you have in store you can make it more relaxing and healthier by following these easy steps”, says Kathryn Brierley, co-founder and director of in:spa.

Here are ten pain-free ways to stay healthy on holiday...

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  • Sync Your Sleep System

    On holiday you are not restricted to a set time to get up - so why not why out the <a href="" target="_hplink">Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App</a> - it wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase so it feels like waking without an alarm clock - so you feel most rested and relaxed.

  • Hotel Yoga

    If you're wondering how to manage without your regular yoga classes to hand, sign up to (£12/month) and have access to unlimited yoga classes of varying length and intensity - taught by some great US teachers. Streamed to you wherever you have wifi access at your hotel or villa.

  • Digital Detox

    Try a digital detox, or at least turn your phone off for a few hours each day. This will enable you to properly switch off, rather than being open to work or other emails and texts which might keep you in a state of low level stress.

  • Guest Bikes

    Take your cue from Team GB and check out whether your hotel offers guests free bikes to use. Ditch the car for a couple of days and cycle to the beach or local town for a spot of sightseeing and a great workout. If you get the bug then download the <a href="" target="_hplink">Garmin Fit app</a>, which turns your smart phone into a cycling computer and tells you how many calories you have burnt, distance, average speed and suggested training programmes.

  • Get Into The Groove

    Download some great running tracks to inspire your holiday jogs. <a href="" target="_hplink">Now That's What I Call Running 2012</a> is a 3 CD box set that includes good tracks to walk, jog or run to.

  • Mapmywalk

    You might be surprised by how much exercise you actually do on holiday. Get the Mapmywalk or MapmyRUN app for your phone and note your fitness progress.

  • Healthy Snoozing

    Download a few 'Yoga Nidra' recordings from iTunes (we recommend Rod Stryker) and listen to them on your cushioned sunlounger. Yoga Nidra is 'yogic sleep' - it invites the deepest state of rest possible while remaining awake and aware, bringing profound relaxation benefits - more mentally beneficial than a 30-minute cat nap.

  • Portable Training Kit

    Treat yourself to a <a href="" target="_hplink">TRX training kit</a>. This piece of kit is light, easy to pack and highly versatile for an all-round body workout using your own body weight and you can pretty much assemble anywhere. The basic kit is around £180 and comes with a DVD.

  • Wild Swimming

    If you fancy something a bit more adventurous and are holidaying in the UK, download the new <a href="" target="_hplink">Wild Swimming app</a>. The award-winning app gives you the low-down on hundreds of magical rivers, lakes and waterfalls across the UK for just £4.99.

  • Diet Helper

    Apps such as <a href="" target="_hplink">Calorie Counter </a>will help you keep track of the food you eat and easily keep track of your meals, exercise and weight. For example, this app has a diet calendar that shows you how many calories are consumed and burned. So, they'll be no nasty surprises on the scales when you get home!