Katie Price has been banned from driving for a year after failing to pay two speeding tickets - because she didn't open her post.

The glamour model's famed pink Range Rover is likely to be given a rest as she takes a back seat and is driven around by a chauffeur.

The citations were sent to Price's current home in Horsham, West Sussex but the mail was being handled by her mum while the star moved house.

katie price

Might be seeing a lot less of this over the next year

According to The Mirror, the fines went unpaid after her car was spotted speeding on camera in London last year but she claims fiance Leandro Penna was driving the vehicle at the time.

She did not dispute the car was hers and said: "I got my pink car that year, I am obsessed with driving my pink car."

The reality TV star, who already has six points on her licence, was found guilty on two counts of failing to give information regarding the driver's identity.

She was handed a further six points, is banned from driving for 12 months and must pay a £400 fine.

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