PICTURES: Swastika Graffiti On Jewish Gravestones In Germany's Kroepelin Cemetery

04/09/2012 13:21

Gravestones were desecrated and sprayed with blue swastikas at a Jewish cemetery in Germany, less than two months after the last antisemitic attack at the graveyard.

Swastika grafitti was also sprayed on an information plaque at the Jewish cemetery in Kroepelin, the only cemetery in the country which was restored and renovated by the government.


Swastika graffitti sprayed on tomb stones at the Jewish cemetery in Kroepelin

German police are investigating the attack.

The last attack occurred in July, when 13 tombstones were knocked down, gravestones smashed, a memorial monument was torn down and two signs were heavily damaged.

swastika sign

Swastika graffitti sprayed on an information plaque at the Jewish cemetery

A spokesman for the local Jewish community called the last attack “a case of the most contemptible vandalism and it is very regrettable.”

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