From Barack and Bill to Dave and Nick - via Bradley Wiggins, Angela Merkel and a load of puppies - check out our round-up of this week's silliest snaps...

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  • Barack Obama makes an old man very happy.

  • The Duke of York abseils down the Shard. [insert 'When he was only halfway up' joke here]

  • Angela Merkel enjoys her daily breakfast pint. Sorry! Litre.

  • Say hello to your new Health Secretary, Britain! *Britain sobs*

  • Well, they do say you should never meet your heroes.

  • Pierce Brosnan's feet: shaken but not stirred.

  • The only time Michael Gove has ever been the bigger man.

  • See <a href="" target="_hplink">all the picture caption goodness here</a>.

  • Best. Unintentional photobomb. Ever.

  • David Cameron's Cabinet reshuffle throws up some unexpected choices.

  • Fun fact: the collective noun for a group of puppies is 'a barrowful'.

  • German heavyweight boxer Manuel Charr goes into the ring with a Russian boy - and, amazingly, loses.

  • The Duke of York tackles commoner food - a task even harder than abseiling down the Shard.

  • Chinese quadruplets have numbers shaved into their hair - and subvert this by sitting out of order. High five!

  • Prince Harry discovers that, when you're a royal, even the slightest, most mundane things are fascinating to others.

  • Well, you didn't think we could get through Pictures Of The Week without <em>him</em>, did you?!