Dannii Minogue Falls Over Outside Her Project D Collection Launch (PICS)

13/09/2012 10:46

As we all know, seeing someone take a comedy tumble never fails to raise a chuckle but when that someone is a famous type, like say, Dannii Minogue, well, it's a full on belly laugh.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's childish - but even Dannii saw the funny side when she ended up on her perfectly formed backside as she left her own fashion launch last night.

dannii minogue

Dannii - dressed in a stunning, floor-length navy sequined gown - did a 'Naomi' in front of the assembled paps outside No.5 Cavendish in London's Mayfair where she was launching the latest collection in her Project D clothing range.

But Dannii managed to see the funny side and sat giggling for a few seconds before regaining her composure.

dannii minogue

What a pro.

Oh, and Dannii, I'd have a word with your hairstylist if I were you. High hair, as we all know, is a VERY risky business.


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