Stowaway Cat Takes 10-Hour Flight To Disney World (VIDEO)

17/09/2012 10:17 | Updated 17 September 2012

Here's a story that will send a shiver down the spine of anyone who's ever packed a suitcase in front of a pet cat. (We shudder every time we think how close our own moggie came to joining us on a 14-day adventure holiday to Vietnam last year.)

Ethel and Rebecca Maze's 14-month-old cat Bob-bob clearly wasn't too happy when he discovered they were planning a trip to Disney World in Florida without him, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

So he jumped inside Ethel's luggage and stowed away on the 10-hour flight from Ohio to Orlando - managing to go undiscovered until she unzipped her suitcase in her hotel room.

As you'd expect, Bob-bob was more than a little bit frightened when he first emerged from his hiding place, but has now made a full recovery. Phew! Let's hope the trip was worth it and he enjoys all the rides at Disney...

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