Darius Brown started producing bow ties for cats and dogs in the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017, when he discovered many of them were set to be euthanised unless they found new owners. The teenager hopes the ties will help them stand out to their potential new owners.
Last time he stole some milk, this time Tiger the cat went for the Dean of Canterbury's plate of pancakes.
Neither option involves keeping your cat indoors.
"Every morning my cat wakes up and screams until somebody sits in the living room with him."
"We really need to be prepared for any eventuality when it comes to Covid."
"2020 was a kinda bad year for me but a really good year for my dog who did not have to be alone for a single second."
It's been a tough year, but our animal friends have brought us joy throughout.
And it's the distraction we all need right meow.
British cats are facing an obesity crisis – and friendly neighbours aren't helping.
"Me: *is allergic to cats* Also me: *rubs face with cat* *boops cat nose* *sleeps right next to cat*"