"Didn’t realise you could ruin a cat’s entire day by giving him the wrong brand of cat food."
"what kills me about long haired dachshunds is that u can tell they want to be taken seriously"
"When my cat and I take a nap at the same time very close to each other that’s just parallel play 😌"
"Love it when my dog does a big yawn at 5pm, I just know he put in a long day at the good boy factory"
"If i was a girl cat and i saw a boy cat get the zoomies that would be such an ick"
A 14-year-old cat now holds the Guinness World Record for her rumbling vocalisations.
"i wish there was another word for it but there isn’t. the cat is doing parkour"
"My bf keeps saying i like being inside & doing nothing bc i was socialised by cats and omg he’s right."
Etiquette experts share the faux pas to avoid while you're interacting with a dog or cat that's not your own.
"i shouldn’t have to go to work if it’s rainy. i should get to stare out the window all day like a cat"