"i shouldn’t have to go to work if it’s rainy. i should get to stare out the window all day like a cat"
Ferns, tropicals from Brazil and adorable succulents -- plus some suggestions on where to place them.
"if i were a cat i’d be scared and puffed up all the time"
"On todays flight I met a cat flying in first class who will be walking in NY and Paris fashion weeks. Life is a bountiful buffet."
"if we were cats you’d b the love of my nine lives"
"No one is living a better life than the dog of a married couple who have decided not to have kids."
Cats go to the vet less than half as often as dogs, even though they require routine medical care. Here's why it's important to go.
"if cats are the perfect predators why do they keep getting a single claw stuck on my shirt"
"loveee when dogs make little circles over and over to get cozy and comfy like that is so me"