25 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week (June 1-7)

"sorry i can't hang out i have to sit here and slow blink at this cat who hates me"

Woof — it’s been a long week.

If you feel like you’ve been working like a dog, let us offer you the internet equivalent of a big pile of catnip: hilarious tweets about pets.

We Shih Tzu not.

Each week at HuffPost, we scour Twitter X (yes, Elon Musk is apparently fur real) to find the funniest posts about our furballs being complete goofballs. They’re sure to make you howl.

(And if you want more, no need to beg ― you can check out last week’s batch right here.)

trying corporate speak with my dog. every time he barks at something random, i thank him for flagging that and tell him we’ll circle back.

— katie yee (@prepartynap) June 5, 2024

the last time i was home i took a 50mg edible and took this picture of my parents dog bc i got so scared of how he looked pic.twitter.com/KQjfFOwesg

— alex forrest (@ALEXF0RREST) June 2, 2024

This is Hamish. He found a new favorite toy. It's a brick. 13/10 pic.twitter.com/0J5aOSjc6W

— WeRateDogs (@dog_rates) June 3, 2024

it's crazy that cats have survived as a species because of their evolutionary advantage in whining

— derek guy (@dieworkwear) June 3, 2024

Louie keeps disappearing and we search for him and then find out he is hanging out in the bathtub. It's his new thing. He is so happy in there. I am so confused. pic.twitter.com/MLVFDU1z34

— Eli McCann (@EliMcCann) June 3, 2024

Anti cat table 🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/MtPjHQG9Iz

— No Cats No Life (@NoCatsNoLife_m) June 4, 2024

You can give me any compliment in the world, NOTHING makes me feel better than when a dog comes over for pets and their person says “oh, they usually don’t like strangers.” It just happened and it has made my whole day.

— PoliticalBirdDinners Ⓥ 🐀 (@BirdDinners) June 2, 2024

Guys stop saying my cat looks like the dude from challengers pic.twitter.com/ypeUEvuo6f

— amy et al. (@peachofababy) June 4, 2024

I know so many people with cats and only a tiny number of them went to a shelter and picked out a cat.
Everyone else I know with a cat has a story that's like "yeah he just moved in."

— Dr. Laura Robinson (@LauraRbnsn) June 6, 2024


— Punch Cat (@PunchingCat) June 6, 2024

The Ace Hardware in my neighborhood has a dog you can pet. https://t.co/2r0ixsbrDY

— cpj1 (@cpj1) June 2, 2024

Sometimes my room mate gives the house cat a middle part when she’s bored pic.twitter.com/4aYobCPFKL

— Kbear 👹 @ ballers gay brain rot⚡️ (@Kbearart) June 5, 2024

can't stop fuckingn crying at this tiny cat and dog why do they look like that pic.twitter.com/n3tMnzZvbS

— weird medieval guys BOOK OUT NOW !! (@WeirdMedieval) June 1, 2024

Smooth cat pic.twitter.com/ZMFr1K6jbs

— Posts Of Cats (@PostsOfCats) June 7, 2024

sorry i can't hang out i have to sit here and slow blink at this cat who hates me

— haley (@feederofcats) June 1, 2024

matching socks pic.twitter.com/JKqmHp0jxi

— Dont Show Your Cat (@DontShowYourCat) June 6, 2024

You ever look up from an important Zoom and see your cat in the next room judging the heck out of you. pic.twitter.com/qXI5P1gd2Q

— Heather Hogan (@theheatherhogan) June 5, 2024

she’s third wheeling her own cats pic.twitter.com/Q6JVjJjcdw

— cats being weird little guys 👅 (@weirdlilguys) June 6, 2024

“Everyone say cheese!”
“Fuck you, Theresa.” pic.twitter.com/nRafpYKKwO

— Uncle Duke (@UncleDuke1969) June 6, 2024

Me: Why is the wifi not working?
Reg, arse first on the router: No idea boss pic.twitter.com/2vydNy0bta

— Dr Fi Bowler (@FionaBowler) June 5, 2024

Dog visiting friends pic.twitter.com/rOFK2b8O7e

— B&S (@_B___S) June 4, 2024

many of you are like Alfie https://t.co/DZmFG1ofu9

— noa (@woke_teen) June 5, 2024

incredible technique https://t.co/SUoLE5yHP6

— cats being weird little guys 👅 (@weirdlilguys) June 6, 2024

Guilty or not guilty? 😂 pic.twitter.com/4WQEs9DHCV

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden) June 4, 2024


— out of context dogs (@contextdogs) June 6, 2024