"My cats are pretty cute and cuddly but if we were all the same size they'd eat me for dinner"
There's definitely a right and wrong way to approach this situation.
A viral tweet about an interaction between a young kid and a dog owner is dividing the internet.
"Didn’t realise you could ruin a cat’s entire day by giving him the wrong brand of cat food."
"what kills me about long haired dachshunds is that u can tell they want to be taken seriously"
"Audrey had been found in an abandoned house in Texas with a spinal injury and both of her back feet severed. ... Her story broke my heart."
"When my cat and I take a nap at the same time very close to each other that’s just parallel play 😌"
Cooler temperatures mean they're happily hopping into our homes.
"Had I been irresponsible for extolling the joy of pets when their loss is so devastating?"
Grieving the loss of a beloved companion can take time.