Your furry friend could be subtly telling you that something is wrong. Don't ignore these red flags.
"When I leave for more than four hours my cat gets so upset she throws up so sometimes I look at my boyfriend and I'm like do you even love me"
"when i say i got that dog in me i mean im insecure confused and really scared right now"
"it's really unfair that my dog and me can't sit down and share a cup of joe"
"my pug has 4 beds and takes medicine for his seasonal allergies just like his wolf ancestors"
"'You let your cat in your bed' I’d let my cat borrow my car."
“No matter how much my wife likes her Christmas gifts from me she will like the gift our dog ‘bought her’ more.”
“i dont have a golden retriever husband, i have a yorkie husband. he is small and barks and lashes out at everyone and everything because he is terrified all the time.”