Considering how much our furry friends offer us, how can we ensure they’re as content as they can be?
"my cat talks a mad amount of s**t for being a creature i can easily pick up and wiggle"
"love when a dog has a stupid name. what do you mean this idiot answers to Typewriter"
Your furry friend could be subtly telling you that something is wrong. Don't ignore these red flags.
"When I leave for more than four hours my cat gets so upset she throws up so sometimes I look at my boyfriend and I'm like do you even love me"
"when i say i got that dog in me i mean im insecure confused and really scared right now"
"it's really unfair that my dog and me can't sit down and share a cup of joe"
"my pug has 4 beds and takes medicine for his seasonal allergies just like his wolf ancestors"