Has 'Mexican Mitt' Romney Fake Tanned For Spanish-Language TV Channel Univision? (PICTURES)

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Mitt Romney appeared to be a touch more tanned during an TV interview for Spanish-language channel Univision on Wednesday, prompting suggestions the Republican leader had piled on the make up to make himself more appealing to Latino voters.

The make-up ‘mishap’ is particularly unfortunate as it comes in the wake of a leaked video of Romney saying he would have a better chance of being President if he had been "born of Mexican parents."

mitt romney

Mitt Romney looked EXTREMELY tanned when he appeared on the channel

Nia Figueroa
So Mitt Romney wore makeup yesterday to look brown when he was interviewed with Univision/Telemundo

In the film, secretly filmed at a donor event in May, the Republican leader, said: “There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 % who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims.”

mitt romney

Mitt Romney: Before and after

i like Malibu Tan Romney better.

Romney's unnatural colour didn't go unnoticed. One viewer pointed out on YouTube the difference in colour between his hands and his face, saying: “Only 47% of him is brown.”

mitt romney

Mitt Romney has appeared paler in other shots

Another offered: “Only a rich man tans with his gloves on”.

One viewer wrote: “All that is missing is his sombrero and fake moustache.”

Jeff Gauvin
Romney picks the Snooki orange tan look before the debates to help him look younger than the two decades he has on Obama.

Romney has tried to make much of his Mexican roots in his bid for the White House, touting his Latino heritage in campaign videos and speeches. The Republican leader grew up in a small Mormon enclave in the heartlands of Mexico but remained an American citizen, born to US parents.

Does the 'gaffe' remind you of this clip below?

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