Many of us are constantly stuck to our phones whether we're texting, Tweeting, checking emails or playing Angry Birds.

But in a recent survey, HuffPost UK Lifestyle were shocked to learn of the true phone habits of the British public.

A survey carried out by Vodafone, which polled 2,000 people, revealed that over a third of men would answer the phone during sex. Yes, you heard us right. During. Sex.


A further 62% revealed that they would answer the phone on a date or the toilet.

During a wedding, at the dinner table and on a date are also times when people will take a call rather than wait and call back later, according to the majority of those questioned.

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When asked about his phone habits Patrick Kelly, 28, Wandsworth said: “I would never answer the phone during sex but I would answer the phone on the toilet if it was serious. Would I answer the phone on a date? It depends on whether I like the girl.”

A survey carried out by Vodafone revealed the full extent of the roles mobile phones play in modern life.

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  • We Text On The Toilet

    (Come on, you've done it, too.)

  • We Reach For The iPhone As Soon As We Wake Up...

    ...It's also the last thing we check before we go to sleep.

  • We Spend Way Too Much Money In The App Store

  • We Take Photos Of EVERYTHING

  • We Have An Unhealthy Addiction To Angry Birds

  • Any Outlet We See Has Us Quickly Reaching For Our iPhone Charger

  • We Never Take Off Our Headphones

  • We Send A Lot Of Typo-Laden Texts

    This has resulted in a few misunderstandings...

  • We Obsessively Check Our Maps App...

    ...Even when there are visual landmarks or street signs in sight. And don't even <em>think</em> about asking another person for directions.

  • We Stare At Our Screens Too Often During Meals

  • We Aimlessly Scroll Through Apps While We're Waiting Around

More than a quarter of people said they had been given a job offer, nearly 15% said they had been told about the birth of a child and, in London, the number of people who have been proposed to over the phone was more than 4%.