Don't you just hate it when you have a bad cassock day?


More specifically, a bad pellegrina day. From Wikipedia:

"An elbow-length shoulder cape, open in front, is sometimes worn with the cassock, either fixed to it or detachable. It is known as a pellegrina... The general rule of the Roman Catholic Church is that the pellegrina may be worn with the cassock by cardinals and bishops. In 1850, the year in which he restored the Catholic hierarchy in England and Wales, Pope Pius IX was understood to grant to all priests there the privilege of wearing a replica in black of his own white caped cassock. Since then, the wearing of the pellegrina shoulder cape with the cassock has been a sign of a Catholic priest in England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand."

You learn something new every day. As does the Pope, presumably, who now realises how hazardous his pellegrina can be in windy weather conditions.

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