David Beckham Larks About In His Pants On H&M Shoot (PICS)

03/10/2012 09:41 | Updated 03 October 2012

Tourists got a lot more than they bargained for as they explored the rolling hills of LA yesterday - David Beckham was just casually larking about in his pants in the bushes *fans self*.

david beckham

While most other people would end up on some sort of register for such behaviour, Goldenballs did have an excuse, as he was on a photoshoot modelling his H&M underwear range.

david beckham

But Becks didn't look too embarrassed to be caught in his tight khaki boxers as a tour bus pulled up (well you wouldn't with a bod like that), giving a cheeky grin to shocked onlookers.

david beckham

He launched his debut Bodywear collection for the High Street store earlier this year, featuring briefs, boxers, vests, T-shirts and pyjamas and presumably this shoot is for the new season's range.

Earlier this week, he revealed he is partial to a pair of tighty whities too, admitting he likes the comfort when he is playing football.

"I mean, I like tighty-whities. Someone asked me about tighty whities the other day, and I love them!" he told Celebuzz at the Time Warner Cable Sportsnet launch in El Segundo on Monday.

"They’re comfortable. I think they feel great, especially when you’re playing soccer, as well. It’s [comfortable]. But I wear boxers as well."


David Beckham

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