Cheryl Cole Had 'Concerns For Her Health' After Ex Ashley's Affair

06/10/2012 12:32

Cheryl Cole has admitted she had concerns about her health after she found out her ex-husband Ashley Cole had cheated on her.

The singer was so worried about the England player's wandering ways that she went to a sexual health clinic to be tested.

In extracts from her autobiography printed by The Sun, Cheryl explained she worried about her health because of his cheating.

She writes, "His infidelity had been putting me at risk for a long time - I had to put my mind at rest."

Paying a visit to the clinic was not the end of Cheryl's problems, as she had a breakdown following Ashley's admission of adultery, and headed to see her bandmate Kimberley Walsh in the middle of the night.

Cheryl adds, "I needed medical help. I got pills off the doctor... and I lay on Kimberley's sofa. We had a video shoot for our new single coming up and my doctor gave me a vitamin injection in my bum to perk me up, but it didn't work."

But luckily we all know the story has a happy ending, as after parting ways with Ashley, Cheryl now appears to have found happiness again with backing dancer Tre Holloway.

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