Motorists 'Upload Facebook Photos While Driving' Poll Claims

15/10/2012 08:48 | Updated 14 December 2012

Obsession with new technology means some drivers are now even uploading images from Facebook while at the wheel.

As many as 9% of motorists send texts while driving and 5% answer calls on hands-held mobile phones, the survey by found.

Also, 2% check or update social media accounts and 1% upload a photo or image to or from a social media site.

The poll of more than 2,500 drivers also showed that 69% believe that the police should more stringently enforce the ban on using a phone while driving.

Around two in three think mobile users should face harsher fines while 59% said offenders should receive more penalty points on their licence. commercial director Phil Jones said: "We fully support reducing instances of mobile phone use without a hands-free set by drivers.

As the research suggests, a significant number of people want the police to impose stricter laws and punishments. Using your mobile phone handset while driving is completely intolerable, and can ultimately cost lives."

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