Some have denied it. Some have refused to comment.

But as the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC) calls for a wholesale review of the government's approach to illicit substances, we thought it was time for a reminder of the politicians who admit dabbling with narcotics.

From Michael Bloomberg ("You bet I did. And I enjoyed it") to Oliver Letwin, click the slideshow below for a comprehensive run-down of politicians left and right.

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  • Louise Mensch

    Louise Mensch told the world she took Class A drugs, <a href="">adding they "messed" with her brain.</a>

  • Norman Lamont

    The former Tory chancellor has said: "I have not smoked cannabis. But I did eat a tiny bit of cannabis cake and all I can say is I enjoyed the cake but that is all."

  • Michael Bloomberg

    Asked if he smoked cannabis in an interview before becoming the mayor of New York, he replied "You bet I did. And I enjoyed it."

  • Barack Obama

    The US president has admitted to using cocaine and marijuana. In his autobiography he wrote he liked "pot" and "maybe a little blow when you could afford it".

  • Chuka Umunna

    The shadow business secretary has <a href="">admitted smoking cannabis as a teenager. </a>

  • Boris Johnson

    The mayor of London has tried cocaine and marijuana. "I tried it [cocaine] at university and I remember it vividly. It achieved no pharmacological, psychotropic or any other effect on me whatsoever," he <a href="">said of the former.</a> Of cannabis, he said: "It was jolly nice. But apparently it is very different these days. Much stronger. I've become very illiberal about it. I don't want my kids to take drugs."

  • Bill Clinton

    Clinton famously smoked but didn't inhale.

  • Francis Maude

    "It was hard to go through Cambridge in the 70s without doing it a few times," Maude said of cannabis.

  • David Willetts

    "I had two puffs and didn't like it," he said

  • Harriet Harman

    Harriet Harman has admitted to doing cannabis, <a href="">telling the BBC: </a>"Yes I did when I was at university 30 years ago, just for a short time."

  • Jacqui Smith

    The former Home Secretary admitted to smoking cannabis. "I did break the law... I was wrong... drugs are wrong," she said.

  • Oliver Letwin

    "At Cambridge, I was a very pretentious student. I grew a beard and took up a pipe. On one occasion some friends put some dope in a pipe I was smoking. It had absolutely no effect on me at all. I don't inhale pipes," he has said.

  • Yvette Cooper

    Yvette Cooper was the first serving minister to <a href="">admit smoking cannabis in 2000. </a>

  • Andy Burnham

    While in government the former health secretary said he <a href="">had used it "once or twice."</a>

  • Ruth Kelly

    Former Labour minister Ruth Kelly admitted taking cannabis

  • Alistair Darling

    Alistair Darling, the former chancellor, said he had smoked weed "occasionally in my youth."