British Ambassador To Chile Jon Benjamin's Tweet Calls Argentinians 'Gays' And 'Cowards'

17/10/2012 10:08

Britain's ambassador to Chile has apologised after comments he made on Twitter mocked Argentinian soldier's bravery, questioned their sexuality and highlightied its defeat in the Falklands Conflict.

Jon Benjamin referenced a football chant on the microblogging site after getting a ticket for the World Cup qualifier between the South American countries.

The chant, which is sometimes shouted by Chilean fans, loosely translates as: "Argentinians, you queers, they took the Falklands from you because you are cowards."


The tweet referenced a chant used to mock Argentinian football fans

Mr Benjamin has since removed the offending message. He said: "I'm sorry I offended with a private joke message that I published by mistake."

A Foreign and Commonwealth spokesman said: "Our ambassador to Chile appears to have inadvertently caused some controversy in a tweet.

"He has deleted it."

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