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Michelle Donelan was forced to withdraw the allegation after a libel case.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt may announce tax cuts and new measures to help first-time property buyers.
Has the chancellor provided a clue about when the next general election might be?
It seems being able to buy wine in pints was not on many people's Christmas wish list.
People receiving state pensions, child benefits, universal credit and social security benefits may face surveillance of their finances.
Life for the marginalised trans community is only getting worse in this country.
It's a classic unfiltered take from the broadcaster which takes aim at everyone at the top.
One poster declaring that "most schools are unaffected" by the dangerous concrete was particularly torn apart.
There's still a lack of clarity around what actually happened once the bacteria was found.
No.10 has denied it has plans to create the new role – but the government is still cracking down on gender neutral toilets.