Are Women Getting TOO Funny (And Is It Time For A Cull?)

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“Women” (pronounced “wee – men”) It seems like they are everywhere these days; shops, barns, even the local barn shop (where you buy barns.) They have infiltrated famously male establishments; Homebase, dog carts, the penis circus, you bloody name it! Now to add insult to injury, you can’t turn on the TV for fear of occasionally seeing one as guest on a panel show. It’s bad enough that they make up nearly one third of the population without now being one of a possible four guests on a show. As a British man I find myself uniquely placed to pass judgement on issues regarding “women” in comedy, the thorniest issue of the day since (add a joke here about gardening roses etc.) So, for the good of this fine country let me strap on my writing gloves and throw some hefty word punches at the question; To what level “women” have recently become funny and should we should be moving to stop them?

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