Funny Women

"Instead of telling my husband I'm annoyed with him, I'm just gonna put strawberries in a salad."
"Well, the pandemic has led to a new level of marital trust: husband asked if I’d cut his hair."
They say laughter is the best medicine but it was only when I became a mum that I realised just how true that is. Humour not only helped me survive the dark days but it helped me gain confidence as a mother and connect me with so many parents who were experiencing the same things as I was.
Last week a charming young woman with a name tailor-made for comedy nuances picked up her guitar and sung her way to victory in the stage category of our 14th Funny Women Awards.
Being heckled is sadly part of the job for all stand-up comedians. Sometimes people think they have the right to ruin a show
Let this be a warning to any hecklers out there. You will be put in your place.
A brutal reality on the comedy industry is that many people are stuck with some sort of baseless view that women can't be
Gone will be the bi-hourly 10-minute hiatus from my tasks in which I play my favourite lone-game - "How many cats can I see from my window?" Some days this can be the best game ever, others I'm just left sad.
On the issue of comedians and travel: the answer, for most comedians is the car share. Mirth Control, one of the online comedy bookers, actively looks for comedians who can drive others from London before deciding who gigs where. That's not entirely feasible from Dartmoor.