From Boris to Bond, from Merkel to Miliband, check out our round-up of this week's silliest snaps. (Note: Prince Charles features pretty heavily. Never let it be said the royals don't do anything. They do plenty of things. Mainly: make us laugh.)

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  • Boris Johnson reveals why he's such a hit with the ladies.

  • Prince Charles finds that 'getting down with The Kids' can actually sometimes be quite painful.

  • There could be only winner in the 'Kate Middleton Lookalike' contest. Kate Middleton.

  • Mitt Romney's spaceship is spotted.

  • "He's behiiiiind you!" Panto season starts early in the House of Commons.

  • "Is that you, Monica, or just a brilliant disguise?"

  • Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers gets into the Halloween spirit as he performs his 'Thriller' dance on the sidelines.

  • The best acting we've EVER seen Robert Pattinson do.

  • See all the <a href="">picture captions here</a>.

  • No, not an early Halloween costume, but an actual criminal disguise. <a href="">No, really.</a>

  • Did you know that in America, a) children can vote and b) they're branded when they do so?

  • Even the man in the background doesn't know where to look.

  • A seal! A pumpkin! What's not to love?! <a href="">(See here also.)</a>

  • Angela Merkel, not quite understanding how tablets work.

  • "And then I grab the NHS like this, you see, and I strangle it to death..."

  • Sorry, Bear Grylls, but those trousers are a national embarrassment.

  • Fun fact: Prince Charles has only got one ball.

  • Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney: running mates, jokers, lovers.

  • This man has 10cm-long eyebrows. What have YOU done with your life?

  • Without doubt, our favourite entrant in this week's <a href="">Halloween Dog Parade</a>.

  • The post office counter staff were distinctly unimpressed by Ed's 'stuck in a glass box' routine.

  • Not surprisingly, the sight of Camilla leaves Daniel Craig both shaken AND stirred.

(Images: Press Association)