Amazon Customer Reveals Very First Book Purchased On The Website

29/10/2012 09:14 GMT | Updated 29/12/2012 10:12 GMT

The first book ever purchased on Amazon has been finally revealed.

John Wainwright from California purchased 'Fluid Concepts And Creative Analogies' by Douglas Hofstadter on 3 April, 1995, during a beta test for the new service.

He is thought to be the first non-employee customer of the site.

His purchase was finally revealed on the discussion site Quora, where a user inquired as to the first product ever made on the site.

After an Amazon employee replied with the title of the book, Wainwright logged on to post a picture of the book and the packing slip as proof of purchase.

"It's still in my order history listing!" he said. "I came across the Quora listing through a friend. He'd heard about the rumours I was the first customer and sent me a link.

"I think I ordered the book over a T-1 connection at work, I was working at Kaleida Labs, the Apple/IBM joint venture, at the time."

Another user even claimed that one of Amazon's buildings was named Wainwright in honour of the momentous purchase.