Folklore dictates that the ghouls come out to play on Halloween. But in reality, most of us are plagued by devilish spirits every single day.

While these demons don't show their faces, we feel their influence every time we accidentally buy a new dress at lunchtime, skip the gym or have one-too-many after work.

But, perhaps on Halloween, it's time to start dealing with our dark sides.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle asked life coach Ali Campbell how we can turn those sinful behaviours into saintly life choices.

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  • Lust

    <blockquote><em>We all lust after something, whether it's a handbag, those shoes, or a sports car. But whatever it is for you, it doesn’t have to be negative. <br> ‘Lust’ is about passionately, pursuing something, often without logic. It's also a state where nothing is too much trouble and motivation is never lacking. <br> Have a look at your goals and work out how you can lust your way to happiness.</em></blockquote>

  • Gluttony

    <blockquote><em>While consumption might give you a short term high, how long does it last for? Not long. And that’s because you are missing the little word ‘and’. <br> Happy ‘and’ with stuff is very different from happy ‘because’ of stuff. <br> Just as money does not automatically equal happiness neither does gluttony for its own sake. <br> Enjoy what you have, but don't lose sight of making sure you're happy, with or without those things. </em></blockquote>

  • Greed

    <blockquote><em>‘Greed is good’ or so said Gordon Gekko. But it depends what you’re greedy for. Could you be greedy for health, greedy for laughs, greedy for love? Not sex… love. Can you make it your mission to acquire as many smiles as possible today? <br> You’re going to have bad days and setbacks, that’s just life but from now on take stock of your emotional bank account. <br> It’s time to get wellbeing greedy and avoid emotional bankruptcy at all costs.</em></blockquote>

  • Sloth

    <blockquote><em>Remember, when you are doing things you actually ‘want’ to do, you never struggle for motivation do you? So, if you’re feeling stuck and lazy it’s most likely because you don’t actually want to do the task in hand. <br> There are many ways to achieve a goal, so stop beating yourself up and go and do something you want to do instead. <br> If you’re not living up to your full potential then it’s time to stand up and be counted. <br> Ask yourself this ‘what makes me come alive?’ and then go after it with all the greed and gusto you have within you.</em></blockquote>

  • Wrath

    <blockquote><em>Wrath and anger are not as damaging as you might think. <br> A good 'blow-up and blown over' is far better than the alternative: bottling it up and building a latent level of resentment and stress. <br> We all lose our temper from time to time but if you’re the pot simmering on the stove, and it takes only the slightest thing to make you boil over, then it’s time to take action, because it’s not the boiling over that’s the problem. <br> It’s the fact that you are up to your neck in hot water, and boiling to death.</em></blockquote>

  • Envy

    <blockquote><em>If you’re someone who thinks the grass is always greener for other people then take it from me, it’s not! <br> In my work as a life coach to some of the world's richest, most privileged and powerful people, I can tell you that most of them are just as messed up and unhappy as the rest of us. <br> Sitting in a palace feeling miserable is much the same as sitting anywhere else. <br> Wherever you are right now, I bet I could find someone who would willingly swap places with you. <br> It’s time to get a little perspective and be present in the life you are living -- not the one over the fence. </em></blockquote>

  • Pride

    <blockquote><em>I happen to think that pride is actually a very good thing and, often, sorely lacking. <br> Don’t you wish certain people took more pride in their work or in the way they bring up their children? <br> It’s when pride turns to arrogance that I think we have a problem and in the current culture where people want to be 'famous for famous sake', that’s sadly all too common. <br> What are you proud of? <br> If it is anything outside of you then you might need to re think that and go back to ‘happy AND’ not ‘happy because.’</em></blockquote>