One Direction To Get Armed Guards In Mexico

04/11/2012 11:40 | Updated 05 November 2012

One Direction are to be put under armed guard for their upcoming visit to Mexico amid fears of kidnap.

While the boyband normally only have to deal with crowds of overexcited teenage girls, their security staff have real concerns about the risks posed to them as they travel the world.

The former X Factor contestants are set to perform in Mexico next year before a month-long tour of the US, and their security team have been advised to get arms training due to the increased risk.

one direction

The band are so rich that there are fears they could be at risk of being kidnapped

Speaking to the Mirror, a security source said: "They are the biggest boyband in the world. If their bosses say we need guns, then we have to get guns. They will be travelling to some dangerous areas in the world.

"There are a lot of threats – the worst possibility is a gang will want to kidnap them. But that won't be allowed to happen."

The Mexico jaunt comes as part of the band's forthcoming world tour next year, following the release of their second album Take Me Home.

They will spend two months performing around the UK before heading to Europe, spending almost three months performing shows in the US and Canada, before heading to Australia and New Zealand.

One Direction in action

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