Beyonce Writes Open Letter To Barack Obama As He's Re-Elected As President Of The US (PICS)

07/11/2012 10:36

Beyonce has shown her support of President Obama in an open letter that she posted on her official Facebook page.

In the letter, the singer thanks the newly re-elected President for inspiring her and crediting him as the reason her daughter 'can grow up to be whoever she wants to be'.

beyonce letter

Beyonce's open letter to Obama

Beyonce also posted snaps of her posing with her voting form and announced her arrival on Instagram with a snap of her wearing a 'Texans for Obama' t-shirt.


Beyonce announced her arrival on Instagram with this snap showing her support of Obama

On the last day of the presidential campaign, Beyonce's hubby, Jay-Z lent his support to Obama at a rally at Columbus's Nationwide Arena.

The rapper performed a reworked version of his hit '99 Problems' but changed the chorus of the track to 'I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one.'


Beyonce casts her vote

And the star couple's support didn't go unnoticed by the President himself as he paid respect to Beyonce and Jay-Z, saying: "They tell the story of what our country is, but also of what it should be and what it can be."


Celebs Respond To Obama's Victory

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