Felix Baumgartner Jump Imitated By First Burger In Space

11/11/2012 16:38 GMT | Updated 11/11/2012 16:39 GMT

Felix Baumgartner captivated the world when he jumped from the edge of space last month.

Filling those space shoes and performing anything near as death-defying is a difficult task, but an unassuming, unlikely and altogether tastier contender has stepped up to the plate.

The latest intrepid space explorer is, in fact, a burger.

Using a large helium balloon and a cheap digital camera, five students from Harvard University launched "Operation Skyfall", the first burger in space.

Incredibly, it worked, reaching a truly astounding 30,000m (Felix reached 39,000 but he had some better kit behind him).

After falling back to Earth (intact!) it was recovered 130 miles north of Boston.