When we first saw Ai Weiwei's version of Korean pop video Gangnam Style (above), we wondered whether it was a fake.

It turns out that our suspicions couldn't have been further from the truth: Weiwei was making deliberate statement about freedom of speech and now, not for the first time, he's inspired other famous artists to follow suit.

Yes, if you thought you were only ever going to see one global cultural icon do the 'Gangnam dance' you were wrong - a whole host of artists, actors, dancers and even museum directors are set to get in on the act after being rounded up by Anish Kapoor.

anish kapoor

Kapoor (pictured above), the sculptor who won the Turner prize in 1991, was one the artists who led a campaign with The Times last year calling for Weiwie's release after he was arrested by the Chinese government in April.

Now he's taking up the cause again using the pop song - which has already been subjected to a seemingly endless line of parodies - to draw attention to Weiwei and other Chinese dissidents.

Speaking to The Times, Kapoor said the video would be "very playful and open" and promised "we're going to be idiots."

But on the video's more serious points he added: "[The freedom to make art] is a freedom we all take for granted, but they're by no means taken for granted by all residents of this planet.

"European governments are terrified of stirring the waters [in relation to human rights abuses in China]. They are treading quietly, to the extent of being silent. This is precisely the time when individuals should be standing up."

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